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Siquijor’s bad rep precedes her, but it is the bad rep that has kept the province’s adolescent allure.

Posted on April 24, 2011   |   CATEGORY: Glenda M. Gloria, Places, Tourism, Travel

Call me a killjoy and a peasant but I just don’t get it. Weddings, I get. It’s the whole royal farrago that baffles me. Sure, it’s part of an ancient tradition; it’s a connection to the past. Yeah, but so is cannibalism.

Posted on April 22, 2011   |   CATEGORY: Carla Montemayor, Tourism, Voices

LAMITAN NO longer lives with terror. Years after the Abu Sayyaf fled this town in Basilan, things are looking up. So far this year, the town has generated P70 million in revenues locally. This is a leap from 2002 when the town earned P40 million from taxpayers and commercial establishments. In 2003, revenues grew to [...]

Posted on November 6, 2006   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security, Local Governments, Tourism

They find the Philippines relaxing enough to call it their second home

Posted on July 31, 2006   |   CATEGORY: Special Coverages, Tourism

Japanese tourists can be very sophisticated

Posted on July 31, 2006   |   CATEGORY: Special Coverages, Tourism

The Philippines is trying harder to bring them in but has to deal with the ‘danger’ tag

Posted on January 6, 2003   |   CATEGORY: Tourism

Cebu is working hard at becoming a modern city while retaining the relaxed atmosphere of a small town Most Cebuanos are so proud of Cebu they sometimes make the island’s ties to the rest of the country sound like a one-night stand: merely physical. So it was that, starting in the late 1980s, the tourism [...]

Posted on November 28, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Tourism

Advertising makes the cash register ring. It facilitates—no, it creates—the need and desire to buy and sell. Ads scream for attention—through TV commercials, placements in daily newspapers, in between our favorite songs on radio, on well-lit billboards, and so on. The ultimate goal is to win over a multitude of consumers to the side of [...]

Posted on November 28, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Tourism

Hotels badly want tourists. But now they are forced to be picky about the foreigners they want to accommodate If you’re running a hotel, the first rule you’d ask your staff to abide by is to attract customers and never to discriminate against them. Just to boost your hotel’s public exposure, you’d likely launch special [...]

Posted on October 24, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Business & Economy, Tourism

He always plays cheerleader and salesman, with Subic as his success story. Today, Richard Gordon, Department of Tourism secretary, faces a bigger challenge in selling the entire country to the world. In an interview with Newsbreak’s Marites Dañguilan Vitug, he talks, among others, about making tourism a major dollar-earner for the cash-strapped economy. How do [...]

Posted on June 27, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Hot Seat, Tourism
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