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Is the disappearance of Jonas Burgos related to the arrest of an Army lieutenant accused of spying for communist rebels?

Posted on December 10, 2007   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security, In-Depth, Investigations, Justice & Human Rights, Sectors, Today's Feature

YEAR CASE IMPACT 2004 Meralco Disrupted regulatory process 2003 Meralco Disallowed 20-year-old accounting practice; ordered retroactive refunds that impair the creditworthiness of the Philippines’ largest power distributing facility; discouraged foreign bank lending to power projects 2003 Piatco Voided government contract of consortium, involving US$350M German investment, which built new international passenger terminal, now unused 2002 [...]

Posted on February 14, 2005   |   CATEGORY: Business & Economy, Justice & Human Rights

THE HACIENDA LUISITA INCIDENT THAT LEFT AT LEAST SEVEN DEAD is the most violent labor strike dispersal in the post-Marcos era, according to the Center for Trade Union and Human Rights (CTUHR). DEATH AT PICKET LINES Year No. of Deaths 1986 2 1987 7 1988 4 1989 2 1990 6 1991 2 While past strike [...]

Posted on December 20, 2004   |   CATEGORY: Current Events, Justice & Human Rights

Much remains to be done to stamp out sexual harassment in schools and workplaces

Posted on August 4, 2003   |   CATEGORY: Justice & Human Rights

Forms of sexual harassment can be classified into grave, less grave, and light offenses. A. Grave offenses shall include but not limited to: 1. Unwanted touching of private parts of the body (genitalia, buttocks, and breasts). 2. Sexual assault. 3. Malicious touching. 4. Requesting sexual favors in exchange for employment, promotion, local or foreign travel, [...]

Posted on August 4, 2003   |   CATEGORY: Justice & Human Rights

For pushing the rights of Filipino contract workers, a labor recruiter bags an excellence award IN AN INDUSTRY BURDENED BY PERSISTENT COMPLAINTS OF EXPLOITATION and maltreatment, Dec. 17, 2002, proved to be something out of the ordinary for labor recruiters. On that day, Rene Cristobal, a labor recruiter, accepted two awards from Labor Secretary Patricia [...]

Posted on March 31, 2003   |   CATEGORY: Business & Economy, Justice & Human Rights

You’ve got a case that needs a political solution? You desperately need a temporary restraining order from a regional trial court judge? Your project with government is hopelessly stuck in the bureaucracy? Or you need some political muscle to back up your legal position? These days, it’s the Villaraza & Angangco law firm that can [...]

Posted on September 1, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Justice & Human Rights, Organizations, People, Politics, Profiles

The former NPA chief, whose record in the rebel army remains unmatched, now works as a consultant to government and politicians

Posted on March 31, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security, Justice & Human Rights, Politics, Profiles

It was a risk I had to take. Two of my children are now in college and the two others are in high school. As a single mom for 14 years now, I have to cope with growing financial needs—that’s why I applied to work as a domestic helper in Lebanon early this year. Before [...]

Posted on October 17, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Features, Justice & Human Rights

A few days before President Arroyo delivered her State of the Nation Address, she urged heads of government agencies to intensify their campaign against sexual harassment. She also disclosed that her daughter, Lourdes “Luli” Macapagal Arroyo, was sexually harassed when she worked as a volunteer at the Department of Foreign Affairs during the summit of [...]

Posted on August 15, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Justice & Human Rights

Days before Dacer disappeared, he went to Malacañang upon the invitation of then President Estrada. The meeting was meant to patch things up between Estrada and Dacer.

Posted on January 31, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Downloads, Institutions, Justice & Human Rights, Justice System, Politics, Today's Feature
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