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Reyes’s replacement has to be someone who can stop the jockeying for positions and restore the military’s integrity All good things have a downside. One of the problems generated by People Power 2 is the disturbing disarray in the military and police. The unseemly jockeying for the position of Armed Forces chief of staff; the [...]

Posted on March 7, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Commentary, Defense & Security

Newsbreak uncloaks four intelligence men RETIRED ARMY MAJ. GEN. JOSE T. ALMONTE National Security Adviser of former President Fidel V Ramos Founding member, Reform the Armed Forces Movement (1985) • Almonte was always the usual suspect behind the Ramos government’s hidden and not-so-hidden agenda. His image of a mysterious spook began in the 1960s when, [...]

Posted on February 28, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security, Special Reports

Newsbreak asked a veteran government intelligence agent and a former communist guerrilla to talk about their own experiences in doing intelligence work against each other’s organization. The request was granted on condition that they are not identified. We thank them both for agreeing to break their codes of silence for Newsbreak—all in the spirit of [...]

Posted on February 28, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

Intelligence and confidential funds have been abused by many government agencies. The Senate should now take its oversight functions more seriously. The money allocated each year for confidential and intelligence services is enough to support an entire department, and you’d have to wonder if that money is being used for the taxpayer’s benefit, or for [...]

Posted on February 28, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

Intelligence is a lot of things. Simply put, it is information that has been selected, collected, analyzed, evaluated, distributed, and used to meet the needs of the decisionmaker or policy formulator of an organization. This process of planning, collecting, analyzing, assessing, disseminating, and using processed information is what is known as the intelligence cycle. But [...]

Posted on February 28, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

The new chief of the national police was born in San Juan, Batangas, and that means a lot to some people nowadays. kamagra cheapest Yet if bad luck strikes him, he might just have the shortest stint ever as police boss—in which case the San Juan connection would then mean nothing. San Juan produced another [...]

Posted on February 7, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security, People, Profiles

WOULD they oust Joseph Ejercito Estrada by force and install his constitutional successor, or should they simply withdraw support from him? In a worst-case scenario, should they render him inutile by setting up a civilian-military junta?

Posted on January 24, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

No one probably remembers Col. Angelo Reyes from the groundbreaking and tumultuous days of Edsa 1986. Who would? He was a deskbound officer in the Armed Forces Retirement Service and Benefits System, enmeshed in the corporate work of investments and account management.

Posted on January 24, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

Camp Aguinaldo is allergic to a man named Panfilo “Ping” Lacson Jr. Until the ouster of his patron, Joseph Ejercito Estrada, everyone had speculated on— and feared—everything that Lacson could do. Foes predicted he’d turn into a villain in the end. Allies had wished he’d seize the moment and turn into a hero. On the [...]

Posted on January 24, 2001   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security
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