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A plus is his being a ‘total commander.’ A minus is his flawed management style. SUBORDINATES DESCRIBE HIM AS A “total commander” who shuns publicity stunts. Some officers depict him as a certified operations man but whose management style is deficient. Meet Lt. Gen. Gregorio Camiling, the Armed Forces vice chief of staff and considered [...]

Posted on April 1, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

For rising above financial handicaps, he and his siblings became role models in Navotas HARDSHIP IS NO STRANGER TO MAJ. Gen. Dionisio R. Santiago, the first chief of the Central Command based in Cebu City. But while his childhood dream of becoming a mining engineer eluded him, the 54-yearold two-star general hasn’t done badly at [...]

Posted on April 1, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

The Asian giant is both threat and opportunity for us CHINA IS NOT JUST A COUNTRY. IT IS A CIVILIZATION, THE OLDEST one that still exists. It will loom large in our future. We need to fully understand the meaning of a resurgent China since it is expected to influence if not control the destiny [...]

Posted on April 1, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Commentary

By CONCEPCION PAEZ Ask presidential spokesman Rigoberto “Bobi” Tiglao how many complaints he receives from his ex-comrades about his defense of the administration against the attacks of militant groups, and he’ll say with a sigh, “Ang dami (a lot).” He opens his drawer and pulls out a recent issue of Text tabloid. Beneath the banner, [...]

Posted on March 31, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Profiles

Life and hope survive in this troubled wasteland Payatas. Every day, 5,000 tons of garbage— brought in by the 800 trucks that collect trash from around Metro Manila—add to the seven-story high mountains of waste already occupying 55 hectares of what used to be verdant fields in this northern corner of Quezon City. Thickly bubbling [...]

Posted on March 18, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Features

Information warfare is also the name of the game WHEN FOOTAGE OF THE ABU SAYYAF BEHEADING ONE OF ITS captives was shown on national television, it signaled the start of a government propaganda offensive meant to shift the focus away from Balikatan issues to the nature of the enemy. The message was: Forget Abu Sabaya [...]

Posted on March 18, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

In parts of Zamboanga and Basilan, the US Special Forces enjoy virtual rock-star status MH-47E CHINOOK HELICOPTERS DESCEND IN THE LATE BASILAN afternoon as Special Operations Green Berets, M4A1 assault rifles and night vision goggles in hand, disembark and scamper toward the base camp. Along a perimeter fence, a crowd of onlookers and photojournalists try [...]

Posted on March 18, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Commentary

Danding’s reputed right-hand man gives a lot and takes a lot CONSIDERED THE RIGHT-HAND MAN OF SAN Miguel Corp. (SMC) chair Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco Jr., Ramon Ang remains relatively unknown to the public at large. Those who’ve met the SMC vice chair find him breezy and rather boastful. His manner and expressions seem those of [...]

Posted on March 18, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Business & Economy, People, Profiles

Time to praise the President’s achievements IT’S NOT VERY FASHIONABLE FOR THE MEDIA TO GIVE CREDIT TO an administration for getting things right. It’s usually the bad news and the supposed scams that hog the limelight. The energy source is the muck that the political opposition rakes up from somewhere. But the political opposition will [...]

Posted on March 4, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Commentary

HEAR THIS, PRESIDENT ARROYO: YOUR SOLDIERS have very categorical views about the presence of American troops in Mindanao. While in general they welcome American help, they want to limit such assistance to equipment and training. The involvement of American troops in combat is a no-no to them. They say it’s not acceptable for Filipino soldiers [...]

Posted on March 4, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security

The military has yet to receive equipment that the US promised WE’VE BEEN HAD, wrote an American journalist who visited Western Mindanao recently. “We,” of course, referred to the United States. In a recent article, the journalist said the US was spending and risking so much to run after the Abu Sayyaf, which, he concluded, [...]

Posted on March 4, 2002   |   CATEGORY: Defense & Security
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