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Newsbreak joins Rappler


Dear readers, friends, partners and supporters,

In January this year, Newsbreak celebrated its 10-year anniversary as an independent media organization. We also marked a decade of change: from starting out as a black-and-white news weekly in 2001 to a bimonthly, full-colored magazine a year later, we shifted online in 2005, embracing the vast changes in the media landscape but still keeping true to the culture and brand of journalism that you have always associated with us.

In 2008, we again made a big leap and partnered with the country’s biggest broadcast network, ABS-CBN. Until June 2010, Newsbreak managed and ran This partnership allowed us a bigger platform for our unique content and taught us valuable lessons as journalists and managers.

If there’s anything that the past decade has shown, it is perhaps both our doggedness in pursuing stories

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and in our ability to adapt to ways by which these stories can reach you wherever your are.

In every risk we took as an organization and as journalists, you stayed with us.

And this is why we are again

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embarking on something bigger—all in the hope of telling you more stories with the new tools now available to us. The media world has changed rapidly in the last ten years. Journalism itself is at a crossroads. We hope to be able to help shape where it is headed—where citizens are better informed, where they can better participate in meaningful change, and where problems are not merely exposed but also understood and addressed.

We’d like to be able to do more, be better at what we do, and constantly learn from you.

A few months ago, Newsbreak teamed up with other journalists and innovators to deliver news and information in a more cutting-edge manner. They include the people behind Move.Ph on Facebook.

Both Newsbreak and Move.Ph are now part of a new organization called Rappler.

We now have a new home: In that site, you will continue to read Newsbreak and its in-depth and investigative pieces.

All content previously published on shall be found in, which will be run by the Journalism for Nation Building Foundation. The foundation will continue to publish books and special reports.

We are very excited about the future. And we hope to be able to chart and ride this with you.

Thank you so much.

The Newsbreak Team

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