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General cites error in “The Enemy Within”


Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo, Quezon City


Ms. Glenda M. Gloria
Co-Author, The Enemy Within
Newsbreak Public Trust Media Group, Inc.
Unit 202 S&F Condominium
137 Panay Avenue, Quezon City

Dear Ms. Gloria:


I write on behalf of the AFP Bids and Awards Committee (AFPBAC) that has been mentioned in your recently launched book entitled “The Enemy Within: An Inside Story on Military Corruption”.

As co-author of the said book, you should have been more circumspect in what you write, particularly in collating data which you had used in writing about conversion in the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

A case in point is the Php1.7M transaction cited in Chapter 2 – Multilateral Transaction – where the authors averred:

“In this particular example of conversion made by a Camp Aguinaldo unit, the dealer skimmed off 18% from the Php1M cash that the unit was supposed to get. The 18% went to the usual suspects:

  • 3 percent – Commanding Officer…
  • 4-5 percent – shared by the four Offices that sprung from the abolition of J6: the Resource Management Office, Management and Fiscal Office, Office of the Internal Auditor, and Bids and Awards Committee…
  • 2 percent – resident C.O.A. Auditor”

We categorically refute the claim of the authors that AFPBAC was a recipient of funds that are product of conversion. Though the Office is part of the procurement process, it has never or in any way tolerated such thing. In fact, we even initiated reforms in the way procurements are conducted and we were successful in that initiative.

Having implicated the Office of the AFPBAC smacks off irresponsible journalism and full ignorance of the AFP Organization. If the authors would have only bothered to be a bit cautious and made some proper coordination with the concerned DND/AFP Offices, the authors would have abated the irreparable damage they have inflicted to the image of the AFPBAC.

The attached Memorandum of the then Secretary Avelino Cruz Jr. of the Department of National Defense to the Chief of Staff, AFP dated January 14, 2005 and General Order Number 1630 dated December 22, 2004 are proofs that the AFPBAC is not one of the Offices that sprung from the deactivation of the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Comptrollership, J6.

In view of the foregoing, will the authors now publicly publish their apologies due the AFP for their utter negligence?

Very truly yours,

Major General AFP


(Author’s note: You’re right, the AFP Bids and Awards Committee was not one of the offices that sprung from the deactivation of J6, or the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Comptrollership, and therefore could not have been among

the offices we said were recipients of the said converted fund. We apologize for the error.)

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