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Highlights: "The Enemy Within" book launch


This video features highlights from the forum on October 5, 2011 which launched Newsbreak’s new book,

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“The Enemy Within: an inside story on military corruption.”

Newsbreak Executive Director Glenda M. Gloria, one of the authors of the book, presented key findings by the book’s authors. (See: A book on military corruption and civilian neglect.)


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panel discussion moderated by broadcast journalist and book author Maria Ressa followed Gloria’s presentation. Panelists at the discussion were: pharmacy examining board of

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Mercado, Budget Secretary Butch Abad and House Appropriations Committee Chair Jose Emilio Abaya.

“The Enemy Within,” is co-authored by Newsbreak writers Aries Rufo and Gemma Bagayaua Mendoza.

The book retails at P400 a copy at the following outlets: Fully Booked, Popular Book Store, Booktrends (Cubao), and La Solidaridad. For updates on future outlets, see

* Video by Ayee Macaraig

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  1. In my personal view, corruption peaked after Martial Law. The military establishment under Pres. “El Tabaco” Ramos became the source of power and a force that the Executive has to groom and has to take care of. Ramos after serving his tenure in office undermined the administration of President Joseph Ejercito-Estrada from the very start. “Shape up or else” a statement coming from Ramos acting still like a despotic ruler to President Ejercito was quite a daring and bold challenge. Ramos succeeded in booting out President Ejercito and the Queen of Usurpation was installed. Gloria paraded the Generals before the country who were instrumental in removing and kicking out President Ejercito. Reyes, who stabbed his Commander-in-Chief, and now deceased was offered and given portfolio in the Government. General Garcia, Ligot, and others are consequences of a corrupt Government because the ruler is corrupt.

  2. The view from among historians which I found to be in agreemenent with was that during Ramos’s term, he tried to professionalize the soldiers and there were some gains towards it. Under Marcos, two parallel of AFP commands were virtually created, one under Ver, the loyalist camp and one under Ramos, the “lesser” loyalist camp. Corruption in the AFP were true all throughout the regimes of Marcos, Ramos, Cory, Erap and GMA. We cannot actually determine which reign has the most. Under Marcos, there was not much talk about AFP corruption because the media is less free, though his loyalist generals have their fingers on government largesse, vice, drug and smuggling operations. Under Ramos, Cory Erap and GMA, (and specially under GMA), making money from AFP contracts to vice, drug and smuggling racket had also tarnished these men in uniform.

    We call them the protector of the people, and there’s the rub!

  3. Fort Bonifacio if I’m right was converted into housing projects to members of the AFP under President Ramos. It was dismantled to accommodate soldiers and who knows at what price soldiers paid. I don’t know if any member of the AFP under Erap is corrupt
    under his 2 years of administration but what I know is that illegitimate Gloria Arroyo with the help of the Generals and President Ramos unlawfully ousted President Ejercito.

  4. Corruption is rooted on the costly electoral process that we have in the Philippines. Corruption in the AFP is just a microcosm of corruption in all government entities to include congress and Senate where they allocate pork barrel for themselves for them to recover their campaign expenses. All politicians who are products of the costly electoral process or defective political system are logically trapped into the act of recovering their campaign expenses. How was the AFP contaminated when they are not elected? To simply illustrate, the AFP budget is being passed by both houses of congress where politicians insert their pork barrels or extort funds just to pass the AFP budget. When you have a corrupt political leaders who orders the military to generate funds for these corrupt leaders, what do you expect the military not to be contaminated?

  5. Filcan,

    I do not know exactly where you get your information. While I detest the way the AFP, the Makati elite and the Supreme Court had deposed an elected government official through the parliament of the streets, I am not exactly enamored to Erap. He is as corrupt as the others.

    “In an effort to control jueteng, Estrada enjoyed the critical support from his hand-picked police chief, Panfilo “Ping” Lacson. Apart from certain camaraderie, their collaboration was based on deep bonds of mutual indebtedness. Immediately after his inauguration in July 1998, the president appointed Lacson, who was still under indictment for the Kuratong Baleleng mass murder, head of the newly formed Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF). Through the president’s patronage, Lacson thus evaded prosecution for these human rights violations and resumed his rise to command of the PNP.

    There was, however, one obstacle that blocked Lacson’s ambition – the incumbent PNP director Roberto Lastimoso. Through a disinformation campaign, Lacson maneuvered to succeed is chief, producing a sordid police scandal that filled the front pages of the Manila papers. The story broke on April 26, 1999, when the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported that two police intelligence officers had accused PNP director Lastimoso of pressuring them to release a major drug dealer after his arrest with two kilos of shabu. Subsequent media investigations found that the evidence against Lastimoso had originated inside a tight coterie of Lacson loyalists that included those same sources in police intelligence. Offering a somber assessment of the scandal, the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA) provided Congress with a detailed sever-page report tracing this feud to a struggle between rival drug lords. “Everybody who is anybody in the Lastimoso-Lacson tussle, NICA reported, “One way or another is involved in illegal activities.” Putting an end to the controversy, a Senate blue ribbon committee dismissed all the evidence against Lastimoso, saying that its sole source was “a faction of the national police headed by Lacson” and thus “so biased as to be incredible.” Nonetheless, Lastimoso would remain on permanent leave long after the controversy had faded while the president soon restored Lacson to command of the powerful PAOCTF.” (p. 476-77, Policing America’s Empire, Alfred W. McCoy).

  6. JCC,

    Correct me if I’m wrong because people were saying that Fort Bonifacio was converted to housing project under Pres. Ramos and were sold to members of the AFP. After Pres. Ejercito was deposed unconstitutionally, illegitimate Gloria Arroyo in a press conference paraded the Generals who helped her boot out Erap. The Generals were introduced by Gloria before the country and this was seen on the internet.

    Gloria had chosen her officials, justices, etc. and so Erap has the prerogative to appoint Mr. Lacson. Whatever happened to the Kuratong Baleleng, I’m not in a position to comment because I’ve been away from the country. Lawless elements in society has to be dealt with and prosecuted, besides the case has been decided in court and Mr. Lacson was absolved. The Human Rights Commission
    shoud have dipped their hands to the case and should have defended the gangs. The only official of Erap that was mentioned to have committed corruption is Mr. Daventejado regarding the kidnap for ransom in Mindanao. He was cleared of the accusation and the woman-foreigner never went to court.

    Do you think jueteng money is Government money? The jueteng money according to Erap is still intact with Erap Muslim Youth Foundation up to now, a legal and a registered foundation under a Board of Trustees. What corruption has he done? Inside trading?
    Former SC Justice Roberto Concepcion cleared Erap about the accusation involving the GSIS, SSS anomaly. BTW, Mr. Lacson’s responsibility is to maintain peace and order. Whatever acts he did was his own and why would Erap order the killings of Dacer-Corbito when in fact, Dacer and Erap are “kumpadre”. How would you react to the statement of the late Pres. Corazon Aquino, “patawarin muna ako, lahat naman tayo ay nagkakamali”. The case against Erap in my opinion is moral turpitude and not plunder. Erap did not leave the country because he knew, he did nothing wrong. Too bad, that the late General Angelo Reyes committed suicide (?).

  7. Filcan,

    You have to read “The Fall Of Joseph Estrada, The Inside Story” by Amando Doronila.” It provides some insights on the personality of Erap.

    “During the Blue Ribbon committee hearings, it became known that the foundation had not a single Muslim scholar. Its chairman was Raul P. de Guzman, former dean of the University of the Philippines College of Public Administration and resident political adviser to Estrada, a brother-in-law.” (p. 132).

    “According to [Honesto] General, (PDI, columnist, March 5, 2001 issue) SSS and GSIS plunked down P7.5 billion to help Equitable Bank to buy the much bigger PCI Bank. The P15 billion plus P16.9 billion from Equitable paid for 72% combined holdings in PCI of the Gokongwei and Lopez groups. The stocks were bought at P290.”

    “x x x officers of the Philippine Association of Retired Persons, composed of pensioners, protested to SSS President Arellano, Estrada’s classmate at the Ateneo and long-time neighbor in San Juan town against the SSS’s intervention in the merger for reasons that the 1) investment -5% of the total SSS investment was “imprudently large” and meant putting too many eggs in one basket,” 2) no due diligence test or long audit was conducted as required by law when one bank buys another”; 3) the buying price was too high.”

    “While it was true that all banks were reeling under past due loans as a result of the “economic crisis,’ General reported, “PCI was known in the industry as really hurting especially because of an unusually large dollar loan….. Estrada came to the rescue. He ordered SSS and GSIS to buy PCI at atrocious terms, taking Gokongwei and the Lopezes off the hook.” (p. 134).

    x x x

    “She said (referring to Clarissa Ocampo) Estrada also signed the Jose Velarde account on two signature cards. She was asked why she did not sign the box with the statement “Authenticated/Approved By.” She said: “When he signed ‘Jose Velarde,’ I just couldn’t believe it. He did not sign his real name, so I decided not to authenticate the signature.”

    “Also for the first time, Ocampo testified that there was an authority to debit an account dated February 24, 2000, bringing to light the existence of the parent savings/current account (No. 0160-62501-5). She brought an envelope containing letters and signed by Estrada as Jose Velarde. One of the documents was a letter authorizing the debit of the savings/current account and the transfer of P500 million to the trust account (No. 101-78056-1).” (p. 143).

  8. It is getting exciting Filcan;

    “The transition within the vice economy began amicably enough, with cautious hopes on both sides for the mutual benefits of close collaboration. Only weeks after his inauguration in July 1998, the president summoned a rogue’s gallery of gamblers to his private residence at Polk Street in the Manila suburb of San Juan: masiao operator Charlie “Atong” Ang, and Central Luzon jueteng boss Rodolfo “Bong” Pineda, and northern Luzon jueteng promoter Luis “Chavit” Singson, who was also the governor of Ilocus Sur. At this secret summit the president decided that his gambling buddy Charlie Ang would “set up the network” of regional racketeers and jueteng boss Bong Pineda would deliver the president’s 3 per cent cut to Chavit so it would not be “obvious.” When Charlie Ang lost Estrada’s confidence by skimming executive kickbacks from a tobacco tax scam several months later, Estrada replaced him with Chavit Singson, who worked effectively with Luzon’s “gambling lords” for the next two years, assigning each a fixed territory to avoid conflict and collecting the president’s cut. Every month from November 1998 to August 2000, these underworld operators paid Chavit the president’s share, which totaled some P35 million. And every two weeks Chavit made regular cash deliveries to the president. During these fifteen months Chavit collected a total of P545.2 million -P414.3 paid directly to Estrada, P123 million invested for him in the Fontana Casino at Clark Field, and the balance doled out to presidential kin. The syndicate operated as a loose three-tiered structure. Estrada at the apex controlled the police, Chavit and Bong Pineda divided Luzon’s prime jueteng regions between them, and a dozen provincial -level gambling lords operated the local lotteries”. (p. 477-78, Policing America’s Empire, Alfred W. McCoy).

  9. Indeed, it is quite exciting JCC:

    Your presentation somewhat suggest that you are an insider or an officer under Erap or a critic of Erap. I am asking you if jueteng money is Government money. Erap did not deny about the jueteng money and I will not believe you that Erap Muslim Youth Foundation did nothing for the Muslim. You can write to Erap on his website rather than believe Doronilla or visit him at #1 Polk Street, Greenhills. Jose Velarde account does not belong to Erap and Sandiganbayan has not proven it. The envelop that was not opened during the impeachment trial revealed later by former Sen. Pimentel to have owned by Dichaves. Why didn’t the Gov’t. of Gloria confiscated the account? Atong Ang should have testified as a state witness but he never did. Singson was going after the 2 Bingo Ball but failed. The main reason in my view that Chavit Singson was following Erap was his involvement in the Tobacco-Excise Tax, unliquidated cash advance. It was NOT PROVEN by Sandiganbayan that Erap siphoned millions of pesos from the Tobacco-Excise Tax because Erap knew, the money belonged to the farmer of Ilocos region. Remember ex-Cong. Jimenez aka Crespo who was Erap’s emissary in South America? If Erap was corrupt accdg. to you, he should have taken the $2,000,000.00 from the IMPSA deal that Mr. Jimenez was telling him. How come there were no cabinet members of Erap that testified against him? Do I believe Chavit Singson? NO. Maybe you do. Now, is it not true that Fort Bonifacio was converted to housing projects under Pres. Ramos?

  10. Filcan,

    You were likely to believe also that GMA and Marcos were not plunderers because they have not been convicted of plunder. As regards Erap, he was already convicted, but the kid glove treatment against him (pardon before the ink had dried up in the decision convicting him of corruption by the Sandiganbayan)is emblematic of our lack of “political will” to punish the guilty specially if the guilty have their own economic base that they can utilize to fund dissension on the streets and political clout to stir up the emotions of the lumpen in the slum areas.

    In other words, Pinoys are doomed. Corrupt politicians after another come every election time and Pinoys kept empowering them only to rob them blind…

    BTW if you do not believe in Doronila, or even the illustrious historian, Alfred W. McCoy, that is your prerogative. Though I hope you do not impose on us your own sense of historical perspective and claim that Erap was too immaculate to be accused of grand corruption. This does not include his having bought mansions for his “queridas” from jueteng money. (Again, please read A. Dorila on this).

    Or you can read my own perception of Erap here.

  11. BTW, if you use your office and the national police to protect jueteng operations, and made P500 million for 2 years using the clout of the office and the police to make that possible, the issue is not whether that money is govt. money or private money.
    The issue here is that he has prostituted the office to make private gain. The Muslim Foundation was a front to deodorize the jueteng collection.

    To posture that jueteng is not govt. money is what Estelito Mendoza and Erap want us to believe; telegraphing perhaps that Pinoys are gullible anyway – they can peddle the most atrocious ambiguation of morality and Pinoys would not have the intellect to process the concept and thus get away with their dishonesty.

  12. JCC,

    Don’t put words into my mouth. You have not answered whether jueteng money is a Government money. You also have not answered about Fort Bonifacio converted to a housing project to accommodate members of the AFP under President Ramos. Erap indicated that had jueteng been legalized by Congress, there will be employment for the ordinary citizen and proceeds will go to the Treasury. Jueteng has been operational for years and I witnessed the illegal gambling. Mind you I was not a part of it.

    Erap in my opinion was truthful enough in confessing to the country about your accusations of infidelity, etc. I’m not concern about Erap’s personal life and morality but his service as a public servant. Who cares for his private life but some Catholics who are hypocrites. Had ex-President Corazon Aquino lived during the Presidential Election, Mr. Noynoy would have difficulty winning. To me, it is a sympathy vote.

    Gloria should have not pardoned Erap at all. My take is that Gloria would be the object of ridicule and mockery and the people would be in constant demonstration because the evils created by Gloria as you and I see today become the issue of such repulsion against Gloria.

    As you single out Erap for his immorality, most world leaders did the same and you know it.

  13. Yes, Filcan, the same way that Imelda who had been asking money from businessmen whenever she has a project or junkets, this jueteng money was not government money, but Imelda in return would give these businessmen govt. contracts. So the government money was spent through these contracts which most of the time were priced more than their costs to recoup what they have spent for Imelda’s projects or junkets. If you have no issue with that, that is okay – could be the reason why we can only achieve so much.

    Jueteng is not only a game of chance, but a rigged game. Poor people are the victims. The operators have to look unto the bet of the bettors before a pretended draw is made to look for the numbers that have the least bet and draw those two winning numbers to ensure that the operators have more money than they can pay out for the winners. Because it was a swindle, the police, the mayor, the congressman up to President have to be paid to make the operation smooth and undisturbed.

    BTW, all I ask you is to read A. Doronila and Alfred McCoy and other people whose income is not dependent on jueteng, otherwise, you will always argue that jueteng money is a private money and therefore Erap was not a crook because he made use of the Office of the President to earn private money for himself and his queridas through jueteng.

    Anak ng jueteng, kung jueteng lang pala ang habol ni Erap, kaya nag Presidente siya… sana ay nilinaw niya baka at baka nakapag-isip pa iyong mga bumoto sa kanya…

  14. hahaha… pardon me Filcan, but you are so gullible. You did not read McCoy and Doronila. Erap wants jueteng legalized through the lotto 2 (dapat itawag diyan, “number two”) and appointed Charlie Atong Ang to head the operations so they can divide the income from the racket by a two-way split, kaya umalma iyong ibang mawawalan ng kita, one of which was Chavit Singson. Iyon kumanta tuloy sa Senado.. hahahahaa…

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