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New book celebrates landmark Supreme Court cases


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  1. FOIA, (Freedom of Information Act) in America makes it easy for writers and journalists to request for government papers, specially declassified, to inform the public of government actions imbued with public interest. Even classified papers could be released under this act, blotting only certain portions of the documents for “sensitive info affecting internal security of the state.” Court cases are not classified. Court decisions and orders are public documents and they are peremptorily furnish to the litigants. The public, much more media practitioners, can demand for these records as a matter of right under the framework of “public right to information” in the constitution. There is no need for congress to pass a separate law to give life to this constitutional provision intended by the framers as antidote for unbridlled corruption in high places.

  2. Marites, I am reading the kindle edition of this book, Our Rights, x x x. but I still need the hard copy. Where can I get it?


  3. Hi, we will be launching it on OCt 1 and 2 in SFO. I can mail you a copy from there. Please email me your address: Book costs $12, but I don’t know how much postage will cost. thanks!

  4. Hi, Marites,

    If you will be in SFO October, please give me exact location and time, I will ask my son who is in the area to pick the copy for me.


  5. Please provide informaton on where to obtain a copy of your new book.I am sure it will contained lots of substance. It will definitely described by their fruits you shall know them and remember we are the fruits inspectors.

  6. Warren Concepcion says:

    great book ma’am. i am a law student and i appreciate the way you presented the cases in a manner that everyone understands it. jurisprudence must reached the ordinary people and not only to those who study them.

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