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Keeping water safe


MANILA, Philippines – Pinky Tobiano, a chemist and founder of the independent water laboratory Qualibet Testing Services Corp., describes the task of keeping water safe as a “50-50 shared responsibility” between water suppliers and water users. What can serve as the public’s share? 1. Homemade water filter. To filter sediments and other physical impurities cialis headaches remedy that sometimes make their way into tap water, Tobiano suggests a do-it-at-home filter made of socks or stockings wrapped around a water spout. Putting some charcoal inside the stockings is also a good idea, she says. “The charcoal absorbs the excess ammonia and smell that goes into the water,” Tobiano explains.

Why the Palace doesn’t serve tap water If the government-led committee on Metro Manila water quality is to be believed, tap water from Maynilad cialis australia cost Water Services Inc. and Manila Water Company Inc. is viagra good for health is safe to drink. The Palace itself, however, seems unconvinced.  Its actions speak louder than words. Read More

2. Clorox in cisterns. Tobiano says households with water cisterns should clean their tanks at least once every three months. An effective way to do this is to flush out the bacteria using a solution with one part of Clorox, a disinfectant, for every 1,000 liters of water. “Water tanks are dark. Moist, dark, humid places are the best for bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and molds. So Clorox disinfects the water tanks,” she says. 3. Dispenser maintenance. Those who use water dispensers should not viagra free trial forget to clean these at least once a month. “Nagkaka-mold na minsan, kaya ‘pag chineck nila, ‘Bakit ganyan?’ Ayun pala, when we open the dispenser, ‘Ay, hindi naman nililinisan sa loob’ (Molds sometimes grow, so sometimes they check it and ask, ‘What happened?’ Then they realize that it has not been cleaned),” Tobiano says.—Paterno Esmaquel which one is better viagra or cialis II (The series was produced under the Maggie de Pano Fund for Investigative Reporting on Health. The Fund, which is managed by Newsbreak, is made possible through a grant from Macare Medicals, Inc.)

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