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Akbayan’s plunder case vs GMA, Ermita


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  1. Johnny lin says:

    Justice on the horizon after all for the Filipinos. Plunders filed, however you look at them are stressful, not only to oneself but to the family as well. More satisfying because the entire family members were part of the piracy. The schadenfreude circles are bursting with laughter. Even without conviction for plunder KARMA is already settling in. GMA and FG are suffering from chronic debilitating illnesses affecting the enjoyment of daily living despite enormous wealth on hand. God works mysterious ways; “What you reap is what you sow”, fittingly biblical to those who corrupted the Bishops!

  2. That’s poetic justice, Johnny. Or biblical. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world if he loses his own soul?”

  3. That is on the assumption that she’s got a soul to lose.

  4. Imbestigador ng Bayan says:

    Browsing on the said complaint, I think the plunder case will not prosper. While there were allegations of illegal transactions that exceeded the amount of fifty million, the complaint failed to show the amassing of wealth by the respondents in that amount. Such amassing of wealth cannot just be presumed, as evidence on this is very essential. The plunder case is very clear on this. In the Estrada case, there were clear and convincing evidence showing that substantial funds have been flowing into his account. In the Garcia case, there were lots of assets shown which were greatly disproportionate to his legitimate sources of income. Sadly, in the present case, that is lacking.

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