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Lacierda on the appointment of Carpio-Morales as Ombudsman


Statement of Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda on the appointment of Conchita Carpio-Morales as Ombudsman Released on July 25, 2011


We have consistently emphasized the need to have an Ombudsman who shall act for and in the interest of the Filipino people, one who shall not let Garcias and Bolantes go scot free without answering to the people. An Ombudsman must be independent, one of unquestionable integrity, and willing to face the rigorous task of restoring faith in our recovering institutions by ensuring that the corrupt are cost of viagra pills held accountable for their misdeeds. Guided by these, President Aquino has appointed Conchita Carpio-Morales as the new Ombudsman. A native of Paoay, Ilocos Norte, she brings with her 42 years of solid legal experience in the executive and judiciary, with special interests in anti-corruption and human rights. Her integrity and impartiality are how does cialis work evident from her years as Presiding Judge of the Court of Appeals and Associate Justice more than 100 mg viagra of the Supreme Court. We wish Ombudsman Carpio-Morales luck, and we are confident that she will not fail to be what our people viagra 25mg price expect—a true what makes viagra work better Tanod lowest price viagra 100mg ng Bayan.   Reposted from this page on

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  1. Independent Ombudsman, but not from the appointing President. There is no difference between her and Merci who was beholden to Malacanang under GMA – Justice Morales likewise is beholden to PNOY. Besides, why not allow the lady justice to enjoy her retirement with her family and grandkids. Life, as johnny said is too short. Seeing come back through the revolving door is another way of saying we sorely lack good people in the government and in the private sectors that we have to continue recycling seniors whom we consider have met our expectations. If you ask a certain labor group, Justice Morales is not even fit for the job.

  2. as always, you’re entitled to your opinion jcc. but comparing merci and CM? come on. get real.

  3. schneider says:

    “Independent Ombudsman, but not from the appointing President.”

    Going by your logic – no Ombudsman would be independent.

    “Justice Morales is beholden to PNOY.”

    Eh? Why is that again? Because he chose her instead of Corona at his inauguration?

    You would choose to ignore that she was appointed to the SC in 2002 by a unanimous vote from the JBC during GMA’s presidency?

    You’d ignore her 10/11 decision record in pro-GMA/anti-GMA cases posted in newsbreak?

    No less than three Presidents appointed her to ever higher office. She’s earned her due. She’d be taking a ‘demotion’ in taking the Ombudsman post but she’s not ‘title-conscious’ as she puts it.

    Give her the benefit of the doubt why don’t you? Let’s end this so-called crab mentality.

  4. Only in terms of loyalty to the appointing power. You were right, she would not be placed in a situation like Merci because, comparatively speaking, PNOY is not a grand thief like GMA, but atleast for now. Picture yourself of a PNOY, 3 years down the line, to have metamorphosed into an abominable brigand – would you say that the new Ombudsman would have the moral compunction to bring him before the bar of justice? It is a yes for a hypothetical question – but words are cheap, and would not count until that day comes.

  5. schneider says:

    “to have metamorphosed into an abominable brigand”

    “would have the moral compunction”

    “bar of justice”

    “a yes for a hypothetical question”

    “words are cheap”

    “would not count until that day comes”

    smart alecky much?

    Kaya gusto ko ang speech ni PNOY, to the point, and in Filipino. If I want a oft-quoted, wise-guy phrase – I’d buy a hallmark card. <_<

    I agreed with one part of your gimmicky response though

    "PNOY is not a grand thief like GMA."

    -full stop.

  6. scorpio15 says:

    Hindi pa naka-umpisa magtrabaho yong ta-o ay marami ng sinasabi. Haya-an muna magumpisa. Kahit anong klaseng trabaho ay magkaro-on ng pagkakata-ong patunayan ang kanyang kakayahan. Hindi para pareho ang pag-iisip ng mga ta-o. Conclusion ka ka-agad.Mag-isip ka ng ma-ayos at hindi yong negative ka-agad

  7. If only you choose to read the wisdom of the ages you will find that jurists have their own party affiliation and the privilege of their corps. They, like politicians,are susceptible to pressures from both subtle and forceful sources. Human affairs is fraught with unending missteps, deliberate or unintentional.

    The day we put a halo on the head of every government functionary, that is the very day that we lost our freedom. The very reason we hold regular elections and invented “impeachment” process in our constitution because the people “mistrust” those whom they placed in power, hence a mechanism was in place for their recall, otherwise we could have just elected a king and jurists for eternity.

  8. The “mistrust” element of the constitution is what most people cannot comprehend. They are happy though, but gullible.

  9. Since they cannot understand it, they interpret those who can as having “crab-mentality.”

  10. Wen aquino swore before carpio-morales, there was a meeting of minds. ” you shall be my ombudsman” and ” yes, i do because i think i amm the only one who is honest and competent among the millions of idiots filipinos…makahuluya!!!

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