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Chat with Mike Arroyo


MANILA, Philippines – Earlier this month, Filipinos in San Francisco were abuzz over the visit of the Arroyos —

the former President, her husband Mike and son Mikey. Their visit coincided with the resignation of their close ally, Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. Was the trip meant to escape the heat in Manila, observers asked.

Meeting with unidentified Filipinos at a coffee shop on Union Square in San Francisco, CA.

Meeting with unidentified Filipinos at a coffee shop on Union Square in San Francisco, CA.

A Filipino sent us a photograph that he took of the former First Gentleman at a coffee shop in Union Square on May 9. Mike Arroyo is seen in this photo having a somewhat serious chat with two unidentified Pinoys. Were they talking about the weather perhaps? – Newsbreak

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  1. weather are seriously discussed now, especially with the climate change. or change in power. weather, weather lang.

  2. End of days for the Arroyos.

  3. prettymama says:

    probably preparing for their exit..

  4. Johnny lin says:

    Congress has resumed. Did Mikey and wife Maria come back to confront their DOJ charges? What if they are not around by May 19? Mike Arroyo is cheap! He only ordered coffee for his guests, no cookies? No napkins? Loss of government perks! Life has justice after all. Wonder if theirs and their children annual net income would still be in the millions? BIR should publish their 2010 ITR for public consumption.

  5. Lest we forget:
    KUNG MAY AWA MAY KAWAWA….Symphaty are for the Dead; Emphaty are for the Living.

  6. Oo nga weather weather lang,,,mas grabe ang hinigup nto mga aroyoyo”kuno,,shameles pren!!!

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