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I just did it!


Here are some of Merceditas Gutierrez’s entries in her diary, courtesy of Wikileaks of the mind.

April 28, 2011

Tomorrow is the Big Day. I’m sad that I will disappoint my fans, especially Sal Panelo. He even formed a group that immortalizes my nickname, the Movement of Enlightened and Responsible Citizens Against Impeachment or MERCI. What cause will he take up now? I

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will no longer be there to keep him in the limelight.

But two things make me sadder:

1) I will join the ranks of the unemployed. I will be jobless after all these years, after enjoying the perks of high public office—especially traipsing in the capitals of Europe and US! I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been out of the country. That’s why I completely understand Erlinda Ligot: when you travel as often as we do, you no longer keep track. Why bother?

2) I will lose my retirement pay! That’s what my detractors are taking away from me—my financial security. Of course, I don’t talk about this in public. Nakakahiya. This was the real reason for my outward defiance, my fighting words. I looked forward to at least a cool million pesos but now, that’s gone. I still want to get my full salary for April, so I timed my resignation early May.

April 30, 2011

Wow! I shared the headlines with Kate and William today. Who can beat that feat? I was glad I wore a bright and deep green ensemble, to provide contrast to Kate’s ivory gown.

Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez at the press conference where she announced her resignation (Photo by Mikhail Flores)

I did not mean to steal the thunder from the royal wedding. Actually, I thought I should add to the celebration, for a global event and a local one, why not? That’s part of accepting my fate.

Yesterday, when I met with the President, I asked for only one thing: that I keep my security guards. He agreed. But I should have let him sign an agreement. Who knows, when the police reorganize, they can take back my security detail. Maám did that during her time. I remember that Kris Aquino complained that while her mom was in the hospital, someone told them that Cory’s security guards were being pulled out.

May 1, 2011

There is a lot of speculation as to why I resigned, why I swallowed my pride—which almost choked me, actually. Two things helped me arrive at this decision: religion and Manny Pacquiao.

It was during Holy Week that I pondered this option. It gave me a quiet break, a chance to talk to God. I was suffering (all those baseless charges and criticisms!) and He was suffering, too, so I thought that this was a perfect time to converse with Him. We were on the same rough

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patch. And I knew that after this lowest point, like Him, I, too, would have my resurrection.

Somehow, this led me to the dramatic full-spread ads of Manny Pacquiao in the newspapers, emblazoned with these simple lines:

A force of nature

has no hatred,

no excuses,

and no competition.

And it ended with this command: Just do it.

I told myself: this must be the signal, the words from the heavens that I’ve been waiting for. Just do it!

It’s such a simple message and it struck me like a mild earthquake. The tectonic plates in my mind must have shifted places. Suddenly, resigning was the only option.

And, like Manny, I, too, was a force (from the past). I bear no hatred (I said that in my statement), and, well, yes, I no longer have excuses (to stay on). I have to admit that I do have competition, that’s the only difference between Manny and me.

But in following this mantra—Just do it!—Manny and I are one.

May 2, 2011

Four more days and it’s goodbye. I hope I will not be bored. But it seems that I will still be in the news. I may have to appear in court. Some fools want to press charges; they say they have the evidence and the witnesses.

I may need to fly to San Francisco then for an important meeting. That should be first on my to-do list, a visit to Maám’s favorite city. Looks like post-resignation life will be busy, after all.

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  1. Nice piece, Maritess. I knew the Holy Week was going to have some effect on Merci. Her conscience was a heavy cross for her. And when she reflected how Christ gave up his life to save mankind from sin, she figured she will also unburdened the nation by simply stepping down.

    Indeed, you might have been reading her mind. Strange things happen with divine intervention. More power!

  2. Wow,Merceditas Gutierrez can write English like no other government official? Or did her mind had a PRO, too?

  3. jillian paul says:

    The one-million peso retirement pay is peanuts compared to what they milk people with cases in the Ombudsman. If a Senior Inspector Mendoza can get desperate and shoot tourists even after paying P100,000 to a mere subaltern, how much would it cost to go directly to the Ombudsman?

  4. Our companyero at FilipinoVoices thinks that with resignation, the official’s benefits remain intact. Anyway as our friend Jillian said, Merci does not need it if she had already made a pile but not going after the bigtime brigands and thieves.

  5. Johnny lin says:

    Ms. Marites:

    Please read comments on Professor Te opinion, It’s now up to you, Mr President.

  6. marilou says:

    I like satires. I like wikileaks of the mind. I do this too with people I do not like. LOL!

  7. Nice to hear, her first agenda is to go to SF to meet maam. What is the purpose, to collect her pension or part of the loot from maam.

    Parang sarsuela…drama parin.

    Bayan: kung may awa may kawawa (bayan natin). Tuloy sa katotohanan daan matuwid thou.

  8. I think this is just in bad taste. You do not mock someone who has just fallen off the ground.

  9. Simply Art says:

    Please do not compare the acts of Merci with the acts of Christ. It’s blasphemous!!!

  10. primo tajonera says:

    who said that vitug and her ilk have good manners?

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