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It’s over for PNoy & Len


MANILA, Philippines – Yes, it’s true. Our bachelor president has stopped dating stockbroker Len Lopez. Or put another way, Len has stopped seeing him.

Three trusted Newsbreak sources confirmed to us that it’s been almost month since they last saw them together. In January and February, PNoy brought Len to several closed-door parties and social events, showing to the rest of the world

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she was his steady date.

Len Lopez and PNoy

President Aquino and date, stockbroker Len Lopez

Even presidential sister Ballsy Cruz at one point confirmed that her brother and Len were together and that he has introduced her to the family. “She’s very nice,” Cruz told reporters in February. A graduate of Ateneo like PNoy, Len’s classmates and close friends include Lulli Arroyo-Bernas, daughter of former president Arroyo, and Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte.

Newsbreak saw the erstwhile sweet couple in one party a few months ago, thus the photos here. They walked into the party place together, smothered each other with warm smiles, and occasionally whispered—sweet nothings?—to each other. PNoy looked every inch a happy man, singing along with friends and government colleagues up to midnight. He and Len shared the same table with some non-government friends as well as the President’s two buddies, Energy Secretary Rene Almendras and Pagcor chair Bong Naguiat.”

Well, all that is over, according to our sources. They haven’t seen her in the last few weeks and they haven’t heard of her. Presidential sister Kris Aquino, when asked recently about the rumored breakup, refused to comment. It’s none of her business, she said.

And if PNoy reads this item, he would probably tell us also that it’s none of our business. But sorry, Mr. President, we just can’t help it. Your love life (or lack

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Shortly after his trip to Singapore, for instance, the chattering reporters who covered him there swapped gossip about a supposed lady reporter based in the city-state that PNoy met. Apparently, he got so smitten to the extent of sending her a text message inviting her to a free and all-access tour of Malacanang. The buzz is that PNoy used the cell phone of Secretary Almendras in sending the text. And that the reporter apparently showed the text messages to a couple of friends. Now isn’t that…never mind.

Ok, so this is now from Liz Uy to Len Lopez and on to the next one. As long as you’re happy, PNoy! – Newsbreak

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  1. How refreshing to read articles like this here! Especially because it gives color to our President. Hahaha!

  2. Johnny Lin says:

    “P” must be the favorite alphabet of Playboy PNoy. Maybe PNoy is just Plain Picky, Prissy or Persnickety?
    Better than letter “B” for Italian Berlusconi- Bad Boy, Blond Bombshell!

  3. is the love-life of the President any concern to the nation?

  4. Johnny Lin says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! He he he! Natural phenomenon of people not unique to Filipinos. JFK & Clinton of USA, Berlusconi of Italy, Sarkozy of France, Trudeau of Canada, etc. Part of sideshow of politics. Besides sleazy celebrity gossips directly affect the publicly traded stocks of news publications, thats the business sideshow.

  5. yes, johnny, mass media is the harbinger of salacious gossips.. that includes Newsbreak!

  6. Boy Daga says:

    The question here is, does he has PD ?

  7. can any peter or john doe tell our president to be true to himself face the mirror and ask at his age ano ang gusto ko

  8. Hayaan niyo na.

  9. I just find it ridiculous that Newsbreak will actually take this as news. I know that media elsewhere around the world does this, but can’t they be better? Leave topics like this to Boy Abunda and his fellow gossipers. Newsbreak must stick to what they do best. :)

  10. agree ako diyan mark.. o kaya kay Allan Kay. :)

  11. Of course, people are interested in this kind of news. We want to see our president happy. Kung ikaw ba depressed, nakakatrabaho ka ba ng mabuti? We are interested in the President’s energy because he sets the tone for the country.

  12. His so-called love life, if he ever has one, is none of my business. BUT his competence as a leader is a concern because as president he should be addressing the problems besetting the nation, focusing on POVERTY. People need to live decently!

  13. i don’t understand why some people criticize newsbreak for writing about the president’s lovelife. if you’re not interested, then DO NOT read. apparently, YOU did read the article. Labo.

  14. basted na naman. huhuhu

  15. noynoyisugly says:

    what a bunch of suck ups !!! noynoy is as ugly as it comes, that toad is 51 yrs. old and dating a 20yrs. old girl,is somewhat nasty, what can they possibly have in common ??? this president is not just clueless on on doing his job, he is also clueless of how to act his age..DIGUSTING !!!!

  16. noynoyugly,

    I hope you say the same thing to Dolphy, Vic Sotto, Ramon Revilla, Sr., Michael Douglas, Clint Eastwood, and others.

  17. PH, you can only critique an article if you read it. It is like also getting hold of your favorite newspaper in the morning and suddenly you find an article that you think should be a topic fit only for Boy Abunda, not for the likes of Marites, Glenda and others.

    But if you are elated with the article, that is your right. We are not elated – but do not argue that inasmuch as we do not like it, we should not read it. I read garbage everyday and I am also within my right to call it garbage if it is garbage.

  18. or Aristotle Oanasis! This, one marrying Jacqueline Kennedy, who was 24 years his junior, is called “shipping magnet” not a disgusting millionaire.

    BTW, people love to read garbage. Look at how many commenters here. 11, compare that to Atty. Tee’s article on “sel-incrimination” or on Ms. Vitug, “Manila Meets New Delhi”, the commenters there are about two or three.

  19. I agree with you on this, JCC. Newsbreak is stooping low with this. When I was a journalism student, my professors repeatedly stated that the personal life of a public official becomes relevant only if it affects the way they govern.

  20. Johnny Lin says:

    Yahoo has categories for its news, one of which is “odd section”. Big city papers categorize theirs “bizarre news”. Newsbreak has “in depth, institution”; could get a clue from you JCC, add “garbage(read, dont fret) section”. He he he! I read everything in all daily newspapers including comics, classified ads, obituary pages, and especially Abante and Abante tonite joke and entertainment sections.

  21. He “got so smitten to the extent of sending her a text message inviting her to a free and all-access tour of Malacanang…”

    How irresponsible is that? Not to mention juvenile. THIs is the leader of our nation?

  22. creep2maniac says:

    bakla kasi kaya front lang nya ang mga tsikababes. lol!

  23. uncle pan says:

    damn. big brother couldn’t get a girl.

  24. S. F. Guiang, MD says:

    ” Fly high, BLUE EAGLE , Fly! ! ! ” that is the song P-Noy must be whistling these days. Keep ‘em flying, Mr. Presidenrt. You are not married. So it is legal.

  25. Laong Laan says:

    Or B as in bakla?

  26. Fabian Falcon says:

    PNoy’s love life has short attention span. Or could it be that he is only using these unfortunate women to cover up something? Like perhaps he is a bading/gay?

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