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Solon throws P38 M in two nights


At least that’s what he’s been bragging to friends

Congress is not even on recess yet, but this neophyte congressman apparently had had too much stress from the post that he so easily won despite his widely-perceived lack of qualification for it. So about two weeks ago, he went to Macau for a couple of nights at the casinos.

Anyway, he ended up losing P38 million, he casually told friends. It’s his own money, mind you, but it’s still P38 million, if we are to believe that he’s not bloating the figures to brag.

But then, what makes throwing away his private millions in gambling any different from President Aquino buying a pre-owned Porsche with his own money?

No public funds were used, but it still offended sensitivities. How can a public official flaunt his wealth while his constituents are reeling from economic difficulties?

Of course, the congressman can say he’s been doing missions and charities, and building infra even before he got elected, and what he does with his hard-earned money is none of his constituents’ business. Maybe. But then it could also make them think: Thousands of children could have been sent to school, and thousands more of sick people could have been treated if their congressman had wisely invested that P38 million.

Or that he could have just saved it for his bid for re-election.

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  1. This absolutely irresponsible of the Congressman irregardless if it was his money or not.

  2. chavsraul says:

    and the congressman you are referring to is?????
    why the blind item?
    if you have evidence, mention his name.

  3. how can you be sure the money is his own? no one will just throw away 38M unless its not his, or that he can easily reccover that amount without a sweat. Newsbreak, please name this solon so that CoA or whoever is authorized to closely audit his cashflow, especially since its pork season.

  4. from what area of this country this solon?clue pls..newsbreak this solon..people are entitled to know about this..any person who earned this huge amount in a legal way would not that just throw his/her hard earned money in a senseless way.

  5. bloodhound says:

    hay naku blind item na naman? si arlene de la cruz ba nagsulat nito?

  6. cuddiebaby says:

    If its money, so be it. Yep, it would be true that the sum could have done a lot to help others, but hey..its his way of releasing stress, may be regarded as insensitive but I say insecurity for those (including me) who don’t have 38M to spend. As long as its not a habit, can be admissable!

  7. cuddiebaby says:

    If its his money, so be it. Yep, it would be true that the sum could have done a lot to help others, but hey..its his way of releasing stress, may be regarded as insensitive but I say insecurity for those (including me) who don’t have 38M to spend. As long as its not a habit, can be admissable!

  8. there is no such thing as honest money if you believe in the Balzac dictum that behind every great wealth is a great crime.

  9. Rvl Gimenez says:

    I’ll hazard a guess: MANNY PACQUIAO. ;-)

  10. MANNY P!

  11. I can’t believe Newsbreak is publishing a blind item like this. Name the person by all means. Otherwise do not publish at all. Otherwise, you’re no different from some cheap tabloids.

  12. if it is manny p. then he gets his millions the hard way. let him spend the way wants it. let the poor have their own money the hard way too.

  13. Rvl Gimenez says:

    Just a guess, jcc. As good as others, maybe less. ;-)

  14. this rumor has been percolating for the last few weeks. no doubt it is manny pacquiao despite newsbreak failing to cite that the congressman in question is a boxer or at least a sportsman . the thrill of gambling has started to corrupt manny much like mayweather. i hope these losses do not affect the funding for his planned hospital for his province !

    expect pacman to fight past his prime despite his declaration to the contrary.

  15. I agree.

  16. I won’t be surprised if it’s Pacquiao. He has a tendency to show-off- building and buying here and there. Pabayaan mo na,basag-mukha naman ang pinanggalingan niyan. Sa boxing kasi-ang mga champions-payabangan talaga.

  17. inggitera says:

    kung si pacquiao nga yan. wala kayong karapatan pakialamanan sarili niyang pera. alam naman nang lahat na barya lang sa kanya yan. mga inggit lang kayo taga newsbreak kasi hindi kayo nabalatuhan sa mga pera niya. mga inggit.

  18. from among our solons, only manny pacquiao could do that!

  19. Ted Haresco? O Newsbreak, mas matapang ako kesa sa inyo he he

  20. if its easy for him to earn that much money, then it’ll be very easy for him to spend it for whatever or wherever he wants to. but, if its from our taxes then, thats the we should… hmmm …say, cut his head off? hahahaa (kung pwede lang naman…)

  21. notchfilter says:

    “But then, what makes throwing away his private millions in gambling any different from President Aquino buying a pre-owned Porsche with his own money?”

    The former is plain gambling, the latter is following your heart’s desire which is understandable.

  22. Oh my Gosh! Oh No! Its MP… Ingat siya, baka maging katulad din siya ng iba, nauwi sa lahat. Money, money, money, give your money to the poor!

  23. Manny Pacquiao has been identified, and the amount was also identified in a tabloid report. He has denied it though.

  24. michelle says:

    of course he will deny it. talo kasi ng 38M.
    baka magalit si jinkee! hahaha
    pang belo nya dapat yun

  25. yes, it’s manny p.

    it’s in the news that they went to china with his family.

    maybe he went there on a private flight.

    as long as it is his money, i think it is ok.

    does anybody know his worth in US$ billions?

  26. it was manny.
    no doubt celebrating that he will not be prosecuted for tax evasion.
    it wasnt his money but yours. i.e unpaid taxes.
    how stupid is this country.
    pacquio should do some work
    not does endorsing tacky products.

  27. No need for Newsbreak to make this a blind item. This is reported in Asian on March 4, 2011 where Paquiao is categorically identified.

  28. Boy Daga says:

    name the idiot.

  29. Jillian Paul says:

    or great talent

  30. the idiot is newsbreak.

  31. Ano naman alam na laro ni Pacman sa Casino? Baka pinambabae lang yun kasama si Chavit at mga moochers niyang alalay.

  32. ron, there’s no such thing as ‘irregardless’… use regardless only :)

  33. This thing is just a nosy publication, why would you publish an issue where you have no proof? This reporter should go back to schooling, gossip items is not a healthy reporting. They should by bounded by truth and should be aided by proof. What a silly performance by this reporter.

  34. S. F. Guiang, MD says:

    Reminds me of the late Joe Louis. Joe made a lot more than Mr. P at height of his glory (if indeed Mr. P is the big shot). Joe died poor and in front of national TV cameras he made the now famous statement: ” I HAVE BEEN POOR, I HAVE BEEN RICH. I LIKE BEING RICH BETTER”.

    But the American public took it in stride. It is nobody’s damn business what he does with his own money! ! !


  35. Civic-minded1 says:

    Could it be a “ploy” to publicise this suppose-to-be-loss so it can be entered in the “loss” for his BIR income tax return? If it is. What a crook he is. Instead of giving it to the government coffers, He manipulated it. On the other hand “he” might be someone who do not trust the government which ironically he is a part . What a jerk>

  36. If it is HIS money, he wont be able to take it to his grave anyway so let him spend it anyway he wants. If it is NOT his money then I hope he could take it to hell where he deserves to be.

  37. The situation “from rags to riches” could be overwhealming for someone who is not used to richness, but has become extremely super rich – “nabigla kasi sa yaman” kung baga kaya di na alam paano gastusin ng maayos sa sobrang dami ng pera.

  38. BJ Vergara says:

    or great luck (grand lotto winning)

  39. Laong Laan says:

    Without naming the person, I think this story is BS. Beri suspicious. :)

  40. primo tajonera says:

    dont comment if you’re ignorant on the subject. gambling losses can only be deducted from gambling winnings! idiot. it’s his money, he earned it the hard way, unlike p-noy who got his porsche as gift from a supporter who probably will be rewarded by fat contracts.

  41. right ryon, the article is completely a waste: of time for the reader and a waste of blog space.

  42. Isabel Rivera says:

    Herbert, Ryon,

    The bright red icon on the left hand side of this page should have warned you that Inside Track is about gossip. If you don’t want to read gossip, then don’t read Inside Track! Period. Nobody’s forcing you! But leave it to the rest of us who enjoy a bit of fun every now and then.

    Get a life people!

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