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VP Binay’s rumor mill


For quite a while now we have been receiving spam messages from mobile numbers we don’t recognize that seem to be coming from the camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay.

We think it’s from the Binay camp because the messages either applaud the Vice President’s various programs or defend him against his detractors. Expectedly, when we try to call or text the numbers that sent the messages, nobody answers.

Vice-president Jejomar Binay

For instance, on February 23, we received this message from mobile 0918-3690931:

“BINAY SUCCEEDS…The mission of VP Binay to China to plead for the 3 Filipinos to be executed was a successful. VP Binay was able to convince  the Supreme People’s Court of China to postpone the execution including 72 other Pinoys on death row have received  TWO  YEAR  reprieves. The experienced, street smart VP Binay demonstrated that he knows how to go about discharging any assignment given to him. Pres. Aquino should utilize him more for the resolution of difficult problems. Congratulations, Mr. Vice President.”

We know of course that this came as a result of the Chinese government’s order on Friday, February 18 for a stay of execution for the three Filipinos convicted of drug trafficking.

This was not the last we heard from Binay’s busy texters. On February 26, we received another message from mobile number 0908-7445761. The message said:

“VP Binay left for Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and UAE last Friday night, Feb. 25 until March 5, to represent P-Noy in talks with the leaders of those country and dialogues with our OFWs. At the same time he will monitor devts of our OFWs in Libya, Egypt and other Middle East countries. Good luck VP and We wish you all the success in the new assignment given to you by P-Noy. Mabuhay an ating OFWs.”

We know how that effort ended. Binay was not able to go to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia because he was not given a visa. His office had no choice but to issue a statement saying, ”Vice President Binay regrets the cancellation of his visit to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He was looking forward to meeting with overseas Filipino workers (OFW).”

But invisible defenders went beyond that. They looked for somebody to blame for the snafu. Thus, on Tuesday, March 2, we received the following text message, this time from mobile number 0921-3291473:

“It is unfortunate that VP Binay’s effort to talk to Saudi govt about condition of our ofws has been sabotaged by the ill-informed report of Akbayan Cong. Walden Bello.  Akala ko ba kakampi kayo ni Pnoy?  Bkit nyo sinisira  ang relasyon ng Pinas at saudi at nilalagay sa alanganin ang hanapbuhay ng mga kababayan natin sa saudi.” (I thought you were friends of Pnoy.  Why are you ruining the relations between the Philippines and Saudi Arabia and placing the the jobs of our countrymen and countrywomen in danger.)

Facebook note posted by Akbayan partylist Rep. Walden Bello in reaction to text messages

Not one to take matters sitting down, Bello responded, not via mobile text blast, but through popular social networking site Facebook:

“I am sure the source of this text is not the Vice President, who is an honorable man.  It is nonsense to claim that the report of the Mission to Saudi Arabia of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Overseas Workers Affairs on the condition of OFWs in that country was the reason that Vice President Binay did not get an audience with the King of Saudi Arabia.”

Bello added, “one good thing that this text has done is spread the word about our report, which documents the endemic rape, sexual abuse, and maltreatment of Filipino domestic workers in Saudi and urges the Philippine government to conclude a bilateral labor agreement with the Saudi government to protect our workers.”

In his note, Bello posted a link to the report: The Conditions of Overseas Filipino Workers in Saudi Arabia.

As a parting shot to his accusers, Bello said, “Happy reading.  And I hope the authors of the textblast take the time to read the report.”

We know of course that spam messages from politicos are nothing new. They are usually common during the election season. But it is years yet till the next elections.

Whoever is sending those messages must have a lot of money to spend. After all, mobile text messages are not free.

Editor’s note: Joey Salgado, public information officer of the Office of the Vice President, sent this text message in reaction to the item above. “The OVP is not in any way involved in the reported text blasting of Vice President’s activities nor does it approve of such practice.”

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  1. I got a text from 09177654568 that reads:

    “It is unfortunate that Vice President Binay’s effort to talk to Saudi govt about condition of our OFWs has been sabotaged by the ill-informed report of Akabayan (sic)Congressman Walden Bello. Akala ko ba kakampi kayo ni PNoy? Bakit nyo sinisira ang relasyon ng Pilipinas at Saudi at nilalagay sa alanganin ang hanapbuhay ng mga kababayan natin sa Saudi?”

    Annoying because:
    1) I am not aware of his issue with Bello
    2) I don’t know who the owner of the number is
    3) How and where did he/she get my number.

    I am a Globe Postpaid subscriber, by the way.

  2. Hi Danny,

    The mobile numbers these messages were sent to were Smart mobile phones, so this must mean it’s not carrier specific. =)

  3. I got the exact text message (plus others, including the one congratulating binay for the reprieve from 09065585121. the election campaign has officially started.

  4. I thought after GMA left Malacananag, we’ll all be spared the regular dose of propaganda from politicos. To think that I still haven’t purged the PCSO GMA ads from my system, yikes!!!

    Here we go again. O_O

    One more reason to add to the “I will never ever vote for Binay” list.

  5. ..
    Ito ang number 1 problema nating mga Pinoy: 365 days election time. Hindi pa man 2006, si Binay pomuposition na. Lahat na lang na galaw pansarili.

  6. i mean year 2016.

  7. ernesto romualdez says:

    i heard rumor that when VP Binay attended US Homeland Security conference, he actually talked with Obama and Obama said: “Be ready VP, this year you will become President. Your President is fond of dating women every night. You know what that means…”


  8. i somehow believe it didnt come from Binay’s camp, baka sa kampo pa ng kaaway nila Binay, ppwede…!! senders want us to think na galing kay Binay ito para magpapogi pero in reverse, they want the people to get mad onto VP for early prep for election..

  9. jose de la fuente says:

    Nakuha ko yung text tungkol kay Binay galing kay Koko Pimentel na nagtratrabaho kay Binay. So, sa kampo ni binay galing yon.

  10. EJ Flores says:

    Here’s one reason why the need to register SIM. Also, I believe media must focus on the more important issues. It’s a pity ABS CBN is more interested in their ‘expose’ about the glass house in QC allegedly owned by the Executive Secretary; in airing and using so much time about the violated ‘rights’ of Merceditas Gutierrez; using 40 minutes coverage daily on issues that they created like the fate of the drug mules in China even if their own survey revealed that 70% thinks these Filipinos deserved such penalty. Media is giving less or no attention at all to the issue affecting character of the chief justice as revealed by Lauro Visconde and Cong. Farinas.

  11. If he works for P-Noy then why is he blowing his own horn?

  12. les reago says:

    SCARY because you seems unknowing that VP Binay has its own regular mistress and that is known to his legal wife.
    It is normal for P.NOY to have dating on boy or girl alike…Better if its a girl and SCARY if it is a BOY.
    More power to “Political Dynasty”…If indeed it’s VP Binay destiny to becoming President then Senior Citizens will celebrate as Binay would be one or first senior citizen to be President of the country?

  13. I can personally assure you that the OVP nor PDPLaban (the party of the Vice President) does not approve of this spam messages. If you receive any, kindly let us know through PDP Laban’s offical Facebook page or Twitter page.

  14. Whatever you say about Binay- He is cunning, smart and has a plan for 2016. He may have embezzled hundreds of millions as Mayor but thats in the past and the voters don’t care – what they care about is that this guy is one of them, appears to care for the poor and won’t hesitate to use his power for his own purpose- which right now is to become No. 1.

  15. angchuongco says:

    Hey, I got the same exact messages from +63-906-558-4745 for the “Vice Binay back, wins amnesty for OFW’s in Kuwait, UAE” as a opening remark.

  16. Hi angchuongco, next time kindly erase it. As maybe there are some who would want to put the VP in a bad light. What’s important is that our VP gets results and is a silent hard-worker.

  17. Hi, Ron.

    I got my message from this number:


    Hope this helps your boss.


  18. I got the same message from 0906 5573470.

    Stop using your OVP funds for these tasteless and back-firing text spams!!

  19. THanks Brianitus! I’ll personally look into this!

  20. Hi Joman, I’m not technically part of the OVP. I’m director of new media of PDP Laban but I can officially say that the OVP is not in anyway connected with this. We have been receiving reports of these spam messages since last month.

    Thank you for the report..


  21. Jojo Malig says:

    It sounds like a false flag operation by a Binay rival, quite frankly.

  22. koko pimentel says:

    I deny sending that kind of a text to anyone. So please don’t use me in your effort to intrigue the vp.

  23. Benzi Patron says:

    Technology, technology, technology.
    Hacker, hacker, hacker.
    You know what I mean?
    Data and electronic communications can be hacked.

  24. Hi Newsbreak,

    the point that i was driving at is the possibility that these telcos sell their database to interested parties without our consent :(

    oras na para maimbestigahan

  25. Astra Naik says:

    Just read these conversations. All i can say is that VP Binay, has always used his brains, heart and body to help people. It is not just for appearance’s sake but because it is truly who he is. One can never fake a trait he doesn’t have because it will always fail if it is not the truth. He is successful because he is loved by those who truly know him and because God honors the heart of a man (any man for that matter – including you or me) who wants to serve others. VP Binay had his share of hurts, failures, hardships, trials and challenges but he chose to use them, I believe, to bless others and for that, I salute the him.

  26. Astra Naik says:

    Ang mangga, kapag hitik sa bunga, pinupukol. This is an indication that VP Binay’s work is full. When one does nothing, nobody cares, but when we are productive and successful, we receive all sorts of comment and detractors become many because it is human nature to see what others do rather than see what he himself is doing. For the Philippines to prosper, we as a people should learn to appreciate goodness and good works and help correct mistakes in our system by doing good and taking part in the transformation of our country. Wag na nating pansinin ang mga text blasts, let us work together to make good things happen for our country even in simple ways. Let us support President Noynoy and VP Binay, that way, they will succeed in their tasks.

  27. Bryanitus,

    Do you really believe that Binay’s office has nothing to do with this text barrage? Ask Mr. Munsayac if the Office of the VP maintains a group of people whose main job is to write “personal” letters from Binay to a lot of people all over the archipelago.

    Ilang taon bago eleksyon, nagsisimula na ang kampanya.

  28. remembrall says:

    off topic: i think the idea of registering each sim is somehow too far-fetched, given that anyone can hold more than one sim at the same time, and that it will not cater to everyone, since millions of users come from the lowest income classes (quite a complex issue). plus, the costs for maintaining the infrastructures to sustain the operations may burden the government and thus, us. also, how will they manage the free sms-sending softwares like chikka and lately, google? isn’t the makati bombings and the threats posed by electronically-triggered bombs the foremost rationale for pushing such campaign?

    ps. i agree that media must focus on more important issues.

  29. constantine mercado says:

    hmm kababayan ko c Binay pero nong manggaling sya sa China at naipag paliban ang bitay sa 3 filipino, sinabi nya sa interview na d na nya ibinigay ang sulat ni PNoy dahil baka raw magbago pa decision China, ibig sabihin credit sa kanya yong pag postpone ng pag bitay, malay natin kung mas maganda na naibigay nya yong sulat ni PNoy db at bakit d nya ibinigay e ipinabibigay nga sa kanya kaya nga sya pinapunta dun eh!

  30. Si VP Binay ang nakikita naming pagasa sa kagaya naming mahihirap. Ano man ang ipukol ninyo sa kanyang pagkatao ay tatalbog lang iyan!


    The truth is that VP Binay may avail of a possible 10-year Presidency not this year but by the opening of the door allowing such tenure for the successor Vice-President i.e by 12:01PM; June 30, 2012. This is provided for by the Constitution (cf: Sec4(3); Article VII). In fact the first beneficiary of this erroneous, risky and dangerous provision to the sitting President was GMA who stayed in the Palace for close to 9 1/2 years. It is not difficult to believe that in the case of VP Binay, one much closer to the 10year allowable stay as President would be the target availment of people – shall we say – around him.

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