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Rabusa: Checkmate!


Here’s a little-known fact about whistle-blower former Army Lt. Col. George Rabusa: he’s a chess champ.

Sometime in 1981 (the year Rabusa graduated from the Philippine Military Academy), an exhibition game was held in Baguio City between chess champion Eugene Torre and the chess corps squad of the academy.

Former Army Col. George Rabusa. (Photo: Albert Calvelo / PRIB)

We all know the caliber of Torre, considered the greatest chess player produced by the Philippines. Among other distinctions, he is the first Asian player to earn the title of International Grandmaster.

Guess who defeated Torre during that exhibition game?

Yes, Rabusa.

“Kaya kadete pa lang, magaling nang magkamada ‘yang si George,” says a PMA mistah. As a cadet, he already knew how to set up the pieces and play his cards. Newsbreak, independent journalism from the Philippines

CATEGORY: Inside Track
  1. Citizen Juan says:

    ..and then the pieces fell

  2. smothered mate is more appropriate.

  3. Amyshinoris says:

    What do you think was Rabusa’s opening in the game?

  4. ajpinoy says:

    and so the story continues… in a not-so-far-away republic, the supposedly “truth-teller” was hailed as a hero eventhough he also took huge amount of money, and the ever-so gullible people voted him senator…. just like honasan and trillanes (unfortunately, querubin and lim did not make it through the first 12 in the last elections)

  5. Cavalier says:

    Magaling sa opening pero mahina sa end game si Rabus.
    (in the academy, family names are shorten for nickname)

  6. Dante Perez says:

    Whoever said this chess player is not good? He already put a bullet into the heart of the horse!

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