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Unbecoming of a Little President


Guess who was drunk as a skunk just days after the Luneta bloodbath

MANILA, Philippines–We’d probably let this pass if it didn’t happen three nights after the Luneta bloodbath. After all, public officials–even those closest to President Aquino, are entitled to their own personal time outside office hours.

But Executive Secretary Paquito “Jojo” Ochoa Jr. should have known better.

According to people who saw him at around 2 a.m. of Friday last week, Ochoa was very drunk at the lobby of the Manila Peninsula, oblivious to the other few guests who were still there, and apparently unmindful of what the rest of the grieving and depressed metropolis was feeling in the aftermath of the bloody hostage at the Luneta.

According to Newsbreak informants, Ochoa was slumped in a chair at the lobby, having the grand time of his life with a popular singer-actress, who was with two lady friends. Malacañang security aides hovered around while their boss continued to drink with his lady guests.

Our informants were shocked to see him there. “At the very least, it’s so unbecoming of a Little President. He should have been more circumspect,” they said.

But what did we expect? This is the same guy who, as Newsbreak reported earlier, celebrated President Noynoy Aquino’s inauguration by having a drinking spree in Malacañang with his deputies. (Newsbreak)

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