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Do a Migs Zubiri


Recently, some of the most promising young members of Congress were in
a casual huddle. They were talking about the probable next president,
and before the conversation led to a serious debate (they were from
different political parties), they ended on a jolly note—at the expense
of a colleague who wasn’t there and who, we think, invited the remarks
anyway. This was how the conversation went:

Central Luzon Solon: So is it a given that Roco will be the next president? He’s topping all the surveys.

Southern Mindanao Solon: The problem with him is he doesn’t seem to believe in [a political] machine. He doesn’t court governors and mayors.

Ilocos Region Solon: Who would refuse a machine? It’s just that he doesn’t have the money to give these local officials if he’d approach them. Kailangan ng gasolina para sa makinarya.(You need gasoline for an engine)

Southern Mindanao Solon: But topping surveys doesn’t guarantee he’d win.

Ilocos Region Solon: He might end up like Miriam Santiago.

Central Luzon Solon: He can still make it (translate popularity to votes), I think. He should just make himself visible and be heard in the media all the time. And systematically. Hindi pa kasi siya nagmi-Migs Zubiri eh. (He isn’t doing a Juan Miguel Zubiri)

They laughed heartily, apparently all aware of the Bukidnon congressman’s penchant for issuing statements or commenting on anything under the sun to end up in the news every day.

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